Individual Choice is of great importance in our programs. The supports that are developed to allow someone to succeed in the community are a team effort with the individual supported and the legal representative being the key components of the team.

Residential Programs

Our residential options within our operations currently consist of the Staffed Residences, which are homes we operate with our staff on duty to provide care and supervision, or Family Homes, which are homes in which we contract with a trained person to take care of and supervise the individual in their home. Both models have their strengths and each has proven very successful in supporting people with developmental disabilities.

We truly do not operate a staffed residence that any of our staff members would not be proud to own and live in.

Day Training Programs

Our Day Training programs are supported by state of the art community centers in each area that we have established operations. The community centers were designed and built with the intent of being able to provide high quality day services to people with developmental disabilities. Our Day Training programs are also supported with transportation assets to provide off-site activity programming for individuals as well.

Supported Employment Programs

Our Supported Employment Programs are very active with a full-time Coordinator in each of our operational areas. We offer vocational rehabilitation services through our Supported Employment program for people interested in having a job and feeling the pride and enjoyment that comes from being employed. We are one of the very few programs that train all of our staff in supported employment philosophies and trainings to demonstrate the importance of the service and prepare our staff to support anyone wanting to succeed in supported employment programming despite where the staff person may be assigned as permanent staff.

Respite Programming

For people that qualify for respite services, we provide that service through our residential programming for overnight stays. If the respite stay does not involve an overnight stay, our day programming will provide the service. Respite does have to be pre-arranged or coordinated through the assigned Case Manager to ensure all needs can be met for the respite stay.

We are always striving to develop new programs to assist individuals we support in becoming happier and being more productive. Because of our commitment to be the very best, we will continue to explore other opportunities for the programs which will enhance the lives of individuals who have chosen us as their provider of services and supports.

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