About Independent Opportunities

Independent Opportunities was founded in the late 1990’s in London, Kentucky under the name of Forever Care, Inc. When Mr. Harvey arrived very shortly after the start-up of the organization to assume control of the company’s operations, the organization decided to operate under a name that better fit community supports and services. After some deliberation and the holding of a contest among all employees of the organization at that time, the name Independent Opportunities emerged as the name the organization would move forward with from that point.

As stated, Independent Opportunities originated in London, Kentucky and has been very successful in expanding operations into Richmond, Berea, Columbia and surrounding areas in Kentucky through thoughtful analysis, planning and good execution of developed plans.

As an organization, Independent Opportunities took a different approach to providing services than most organizations in this field. We operated on the philosophy that we were going to provide housing and facilities that anybody, whether you had disabilities or not would be extremely proud to live in and receive services in. We felt that by providing those types of opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, it was the first big step to being successful in showing people with developmental disabilities that they are just as important and meaningful as anyone else in this world. It was the first step, and it has led to us being extremely successful in our other approaches to providing high quality services. We have always strived to employ some of the best leaders in our field to continue to develop and move our organization forward with the implementation of best practices associated with systems and programming for developmental disabilities.

In summary, Independent Opportunities is a human services company committed to providing high quality supports and services to individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities. As a certified provider of Supports for Community Living supports and services, Independent Opportunities offers individuals we support an opportunity for personal growth in an environment that promotes personal dignity and personal worth. Independent Opportunities offers small town comfort with quick access to high quality medical facilities, shopping centers, recreation areas, and fitness centers among other things. We strive to provide people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to live a life that is filled with opportunities to experience life the way you or I would like to experience it.

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